Town of Preston

In 2012, the Caroline County Sheriff's Office and the Town of Preston entered into a contract for police services to act as the primary police department for the town. Deputies are scheduled to specifically work for the Town of Preston and provide "Full Service" law enforcement; all while saving the citizens of the town tax dollars.

The primary duties of the Deputy Sheriffs assigned to the town include Community Relations and Interaction, Police Patrol and Investigation, Traffic Enforcement, Underage Drinking & DWI Enforcement, Foot Patrol, Bike Patrol and all other standard duties of a Deputy Sheriff. They have flexibility to work different hours depending on public safety situations encountered in the town according to the Sheriff's Office's crime intelligence analysis.

Periodically, the Deputy Sheriffs will conduct special DWI and underage operation violation patrols in the Town where problems are indicated by crime trends, citizen complaints and youth activity related to underage drinking. Deputy Sheriffs routinely attend community /public events and conduct security checks on the elementary school in the town.

Preston Crime Map

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