Sheriff Randy Bounds Welcomes Graduating Deputy Sheriff's

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Sheriff Randy Bounds stands with graduating Deputy Jake Rideout and Deputy Cody Rzucidlo

On December 17, 2013, The Caroline County Sheriff’s Office welcomed two new members among their ranks. Deputy Cody Rzucidlo and Deputy Jake Rideout graduated from the Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy after attending six months of physically, mentally, and academically challenging training in law enforcement.


By graduating from the police academy, these two young deputies took the first step in committing their lives to serving and keeping safe all residents of Caroline County, Maryland.


Deputy Cody Rzucidlo, comes to the Sheriff’s Office with an extensive background in Firefighting and Emergency Medical Service skills.  He is a Maryland Certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and a graduate of the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute. Deputy Rzucidlo’s skills in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will bolster the critical skills needed to be successful as a deputy sheriff assigned to the Sheriff’s Patrol Division.


Deputy Jake Rideout, comes to the Sheriff’s Office after serving two combat tours in Afghanistan while in the United States Marine Corps.  He received numerous military accommodations and awards while in the Marines and was at one point injured during an IED explosion while on patrol in the Helmand Province, Afghanistan.  Deputy Rideout’s experience under stressful situations will serve him well while assigned to the Sheriff’s Patrol Division.


The police academy is a great accomplishment for these two deputies. They were required to accurately complete over 500 state mandates to become certified as a police officer in the state of Maryland. Deputy Rzucidlo and Deputy Rideout attended six months of a military style “boot camp” training, where they were expected to maintain a high level of military discipline and required to pass military-style inspections every day.  Ethics, team work and accountability are the hallmarks of this intensive program.


The academy consists of college-level academic classes and the Deputies had to learn how to operate a vehicle under the most stressful emergency conditions imaginable.  They spent two weeks training in firearms and mastering their issued handgun. They had to become skilled in defensive tactics (including boxing and martial arts) and officer survival techniques.


Upon graduation, both Deputy Rzucidlo and Deputy Rideout became among the most highly trained law enforcement officers in the country. Maryland requires one of the longest and most intensive police academies in the nation.


Sheriff Randy Bounds and the men and women of the Sheriff's Office are proud to have Deputy Rzucidlo and Deputy Rideout serving with the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office. Please join us in welcoming both deputies, and wishing them a long and safe career keeping our citizens and community safe.